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Crazy Chicken Winter Edition is a completely new game
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Moorhuhn is a world famous shooter which is also known as Crazy Chicken.
The winter edition of the game does not differ much from Moorhuhn 2, to be more accurate, it is set on the second edition of the game. The developers have just extended the landscape and added a scene with a ruined church and a churchyard. And, as it is clear from the title of the game, put the action in winter.
The goal of the game is to shoot as many hens as you can for a certain period of time. The hens fly all over the place, some of them are flying far from you and others closer. Also some of them are flying behind the trees or hiding in the 'control tower', so don't miss them. Also, do not forget to shoot an ice hen sitting in the tree, and the one that can spring out right in front of you.
All in all Moorhuhn is a simple game for those people who just want to spend some time entertaining and have a rest. Children are being death on the game for the first several days they play it, but soon your children and you will forget about it as it is a monotonous one. Still, as this game is funny, you will probably be glad to remember it in a while.

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